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Colors of Influence shares stories of purpose and intention, highlighting leaders who are committed to justice, equity and opportunities for diverse communities.

Since launching Colors of Influence in 2006, I heard countless inspiring stories of success and accomplishment despite intimidating odds. I am humbled by how leaders define their success by the way their work impacts communities of color. They tirelessly give back to lend a hand, their names and reputations to causes that benefit communities. The most hardworking people I have met are the leaders in our midst: people of influence who determined to nurturing opportunities for all.

Communities of color throughout Colorado, the Pacific Northwest, and beyond are doing great things: building wealth for their communities, advocating for equity and justice, and creating better paths for future generations. Immigrants of color have a long history of planting solid roots on U.S. soil, bringing with them a wealth of drive, talent, ambition and resourcefulness.

People of color who are entrepreneurs, artists, business owners, social justice activists, professionals, community organizers, academics, and civic leaders are hard-working, innovative and passionate about service. In many ways, we've proven that we can succeed despite myriad obstacles and limited resources. Often, we have to prove that we are twice as smart, nimble, resourceful and enterprising to effectively serve our communities.

Developing Colors of Influence merges a few of my passions: journalism, diversity and social equity. In my career as a communications professional, I've served in a wide array of industries, including higher education, healthcare, high tech, energy, among others. I hold an MBA from the University of Portland and a master's in Healthcare Management from Oregon Health & Science University.

By sharing authentic stories of commitment, dedication and purpose, Colors of Influence hopes to promote meaningful connections and foster collaborations among our vibrant and thriving diverse communities.

Maileen Hamto
editor, producer & founder


Colors of Influence is building its network in Colorado and the Intermountain states! If you have suggestions for leaders or initiatives to be profiled on CoI, email me your ideas.

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