Video Storytelling: Portland Development Commission

Spring 2009 - PDC Videographer John Cardenas John talks about his passion for storytelling and the ways in which video is enabling the commission to get the word out about its projects and service s they offer. read more

Digital Artist Melissa Nolledo Creates Works of Harmony, Cohesion

Winter 2009 - "Working on digital images — processing, probing, constantly exploring colors, light and shadows — gives me a sense of peace, balance and appreciation for diversity and cohesion.  My constant desire is to create a happy union of elements in my art echoes my philosophy that we should strive to live as one with the community around us."

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Telling Stories: Dmae Roberts' Insightful Works on Multicultural America

Summer 2008 - A big majority of my work focuses on multicultural themes, and telling personal stories of underserved voices.

Being out of the mainstream has really informed my work and what I care about: people who are not in the mainstream, who are isolated and struggling or somehow discriminated against because of race, class and other factors. I feel that I’ve always championed “underdog” voices. I relate to their struggle. more

In Her Own Words: Ping Khaw Explores Compex Identities Through Art

Spring 2008 - "Everyday living is my creative process. Living moment by moment, observing, taking information in. Eventually, all of it starts to make sense and I get a clear vision. I get an idea or a feeling about a painting, and I’m constantly questioning myself about what I want to accomplish. Sometimes I start a painting, then I allow the idea to sit and brood. When the ideas come back, that’s when I know to go for it."

Ping Khaw is a rostered artist for the Oregon Regional Arts and Cultural Council Neighborhood Arts Program, and a board member at MediaRites Productions.

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Beauty in Latinidad: Miracle Theater's Olga Sánchez creates memorable works

Winter 2008 - "As artists, we want to create excellent experiences that reflect the beauty and frailty of the human experience. We want to illuminate our audiences about Latino culture and history, and create works that move people with a visceral, passionate experience.

For the Latino community, Miracle Theater provides an opportunity for creative expression. In the mainstream media, and even in our communities, there aren’t a whole lot of positive expressions. In many cases, there is no avenue for expression of the diversity of our cultures and experiences. " read more

Provoking conversations: damali ayo on the power of participatory art

Winter 2008 - "I feel like I’m the people’s artist. I’m not the artist for the wealthy, the gallery scene, or the art world.

I deal with social issues, and I don’t toe the party line when it comes to blackness. There’s a real way of being black in the art world, and I’m not black that way. Some artists fall into this narrow definition of blackness and into this archetype that has nothing to do with blackness and nothing to do with who they are. All of our communities have issues with authenticity. We don’t let ourselves be who we are and reach beyond the narrow definition of black identity." read more

Muralist Hector H. Hernandez explores intersections of art, culture and social justice

Summer 2007 - "Art is an important aspect in education. It is a powerful vehicle for processes of social change and changing attitudes about issues, such as diversity, ecology, and environmentalism. Art reflects the conditions, attitudes, and responses of people to social change. If you create a work that captures these issues, you create art that addresses life in a positive way." read more


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