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Reaching and Empowering All People: Mark Jackson, Executive Director

Summer 2010 - Our mission is to be proactively involved to empower and engage youth, families and the community for a better future now. Our goal is to provide proactive leadership, to develop leaders who will be fully engaged to impact the community.

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Suk Rhee : Investing in Better Health for Oregon Communities

Spring 2010 - Northwest Health Foundation's primary aim is supporting, advancing and promoting the health of all populations here in Oregon and southwest Washington. Where we have partnerships with national organizations, we work beyond this region.

We focus on three major areas. One is health care reform: making sure there is a floor for everyone, that there’s access to basic coverage of essential services for health. The other focus area is public health. The last focus area is that we need a competent and qualified workforce to meet our health needs. read more

Wraparound Oregon Focuses on Building Family Strengths

Winter 2009 -The statewide Children’s Wraparound Initiative is building a coordinated system of services and supports for children and youth with complex behavioral health needs who are involved in multiple systems such as child welfare, juvenile justice, mental health and special education. Faith V. Love, a parole/probation supervisor for the Oregon Youth Authority, serves as a family team facilitator and Juvenile Justice Specialist for Wraparound Oregon. read more

Bringing Cancer Awareness and Advocacy to Poor Indigenous Women in Ecuador

Winter 2009 - Breast cancer mortality rates in Latin America are disproportionately higher than those in developed countries. In Ecuador, breast cancer is often detected at later stages and results in more deaths.

Marie Dahlstrom, a well-known advocate for Latina women’s health issues, is one of the co-directors of the “Cuidate Te Apoyamos” project, a community- based breast health program for indigenous and poor mestiza women in Ecuador. read more

Future Hispanic Leaders Focus on Academic Success, Pride in Heritage

Winter 2009 - Dr. Verenice Gutierrez, Assistant Principal at Hosford Middle School, is affectionately called “ Dr. G” by the youth in the Future Hispanic Leaders (FHL) group at the southeast Portland middle school. The goal of the after-school program is to help students cultivate a pride in their heritage as Hispanics, and empower students to succeed in academics. read more

Championing Civil Rights: Q&A with Lynn Nakamoto

Summer 2008 - Lynn Nakamoto, managing shareholder of Markowitz, Herbold, Glade & Mehlhaf, P.C., concentrates her practice on employment law and civil appeals. She counsels both employees and employers, and has successfully handled hundreds of employment disputes. Her cases often involve claims for sexual harassment, employee benefits, or retaliation. Nakamoto frequently handles civil rights claims, including claims based on age, gender, sexual orientation, disability, national origin, and race discrimination. read more

Gayathri Ramprasad helps rekindle hope, rebuild lives through mental health consultancy

Summer 2007 - She serves as a consultant to hospitals and mental health providers in fostering humane, “person-centered” systems of care. She facilitates local screenings of award-winning documentaries and films to de-stigmatize mental illness and promote cultural competency in mental health. In recognition of her many significant contributions to the cause of mental health advocacy, Ramprasad received the prestigious 2006 Eli Lilly Welcome Back Award for Lifetime Achievement and the 2006 Voice Award for Consumer Leadership. read more


Inspiring women to celebrate beauty and strength

Summer 2007 - "For me, Fashion Update was never merely about money or a love for fashion. The business is a vehicle for me to touch people’s lives, to embrace and support women’s growth. Ultimately, my work serves to empower women through protecting or projecting one’s inner beauty." read more


Kayse Jama Lends a Voice to Portland's Immigrant and Refugee Communities

Spring 2007 - His work alongside volunteers and other staff members at the Center for Intercultural Organizing has resulted in successes on many fronts, in raising awareness about issues affecting refugees and immigrants living in Portland. In 2006, the City of Portland passed a resolution protecting the rights and liberties of immigrants and refugees. The group’s significant contributions to advocacy work, combined with their commitment to community building and education, led to the creation of the city’s first-ever Immigrant and Refugee Task Force in 2007. read more


A Legacy in Community Lawyering

Spring 2007 - Ronault L.S. Catalani, community lawyer, is well-known among his beloved Oregon’s ethnic enclaves as an advocate for families. Polo – as he is best known among readers of his long-running opinion column in The Asian Reporter – is at his best when he is empowering ethnic communities to draw from the wisdom of traditional cultural values in solving community problems. read more


TACS' Guadalupe Guajardo Leads Nonprofits to Success

Winter 2007 - Specializing in organization development, board trainings, leadership development, and cultural competency, Guajardo works alongside grassroots and community-based groups to ensure that they are functioning well. “I make sure that their vital signs are healthy. I look at their mission statement to see at what needs to happen to help their organization thrive,” she said. read more


Dennis Worden Selected as Hatfield Fellow by the Confederated Tribes of the Grand Ronde

Winter 2007 - "Indian Law is a career interest of mine because it is so important to the daily lives of Indian Country. The historical relationships that have been developed with tribes and the United States, and continue to exist, are important to understand to protect our people." read more

Outreach Project Seeks to Involve More Native Americans in the Trades

Fall 2006 - Working with Oregon tribes and state apprenticeship programs and private firms, Penny Painter of CooperZietz Engineers has leveraged her experience in the trades and employment skills expertise to attract more Native Americans to get training in the various trades. read more

In His Own Words: Chanly Bob Shares his Passion for Philanthropy in Native Cambodia

Fall 2006 - Cambodia has a dark history, but beyond what history has already written, the people, the mysteries, the country captures the hearts of many Cambodians who unwillingly left their country, as well as many non- Cambodians who opened their hearts and minds to Cambodia. Giving back more than just money, but the knowledge and experiences needed to rebuild a war-torn country with fragile hopes and dreams. read more

Researcher Focuses on Cancer Screening Rates Among Chinese-American Women

Fall 2006 - Frances Lee-Lin, a researcher and assistant professor at Oregon Health & Science University, recently completed a study that focused on cancer screening rates among Chinese-American immigrant women in Portland. Her goal? To better understand knowledge and beliefs about mammograms and Pap smears in an effort to lay the groundwork for more effective ways to communicate the importance of regular cancer screenings. read more

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