How Web 2.0 is Changing the Way We Live, Work and Play

Social networking facilitates open communication. In organizational settings, people tend to provide information to, and share knowledge with, those they know and like—especially if those people have helped them with favors in the past. While this instinct is understandable, countless studies have demonstrated that it's also counterproductive. When employees work in an "echo chamber" where colleagues invited to meetings mouth the same attitudes and viewpoints, the only winner is the status quo. And the really big losers are shareholders. Web 2.0 software tools knock down corporate silos, moats, and walls by encouraging open communication and information sharing. more

 Preventing the Unkindest Cut: Why NOT to Slash Marketing

In a recession, it’s harder to gain new customers, to convince existing customers to buy more, and to win back customers who have left. So companies often need to be spending more money, not less. They just need to be smart about it.


First Families Project Captures History of Vancouver’s Black Community

Sponsored by Vancouver NAACP Branch #113, the project involves hundreds of volunteers and donors, to identify, locate, and interview African-American families who settled in Vancouver during the wartime shipyard era and stayed to build a strong community there.

The primary goal of “First Families of Vancouver’s African-American Community: From World War II to the 21st Century” is to publish a book based on these interviews. The project was officially launched as a Black History Month event at a public reception last February at Community AME Zion Church in Vancouver. The book’s release is scheduled for Black History Month 2010. more

Focus on Parent Entrepreneurs

By Marlynn Schotland, founder, Event Bliss and SchotlandPR

Childcare Solutions for Parent Entrepreneurs

Adjusting Attitudes Toward Paid Time Off for the Changing Face of Business

Making the Transition from Working in the Corporate World to the Entrepreneurial One Can be Tricky

Finding Work-Life Balance

Book Reviews

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